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Living in a connected ecosystem has enabled professionals and expats in Emirati cities to make a swift transition towards remote working, thanks to high speed internet, video-conferencing tools and data sharing platforms. Edtech sites have also started offering courses for young people to sharpen their skills, in order to clinch better opportunities, in an increasingly competitive job market.

To add to this, freelancers have multiple platforms to find independent, well paying assignments, while those struggling to find work have portals that connect them to mentors. In order to further enhance recruitment via remote interviews in the new normal, a firm in the UAE has roped in AI to conduct analysis of an individual’s personality, for higher accuracy in selecting the right candidate for a job.

Designed by Oceain Personality Insights, the mechanism conducts interview through video calls, to gauge an aspirant’s personality traits, by using a big six model. As part of this process, it picks up audio as well as language cues, along with facial expressions, to figure out if the candidate is the right fit for a particular role.

Meant to cut down time and increase efficiency, the smart interviewer is known to be 80-90% faster than human beings, and delivers results in just six to eight minutes. It has also been found to be up to 25% more accurate than human recruiters.

The use of AI also cuts out human bias, which may cloud assessment and consume more time in traditional methods. It’s programmed to look for openness, conscientiousness, extroverted people, agreeable personality, insights and neuroticism in an interviewee.

Firms simply have to create an account, enter their requirements, update the nature of the role and select personality traits, through a process that takes only 30 minutes. The smart recruiter then takes all of this on consideration, and takes care of the rest while screening candidates.

All candidates are asked similar questions for a fair analysis, and the company gets complete access to all personality insights of their ideal candidate.

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