The Future of Candidate Screening and Culture Development.

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Live Interview

Live Interview

Get more from your live interview with Real Time analysis and full analysis of your candidate’s culture and personality.
Reduce the time.

  • Reduce time and cost
  • Full report of personality and culture
  • Full integration with your ATS
  • Real time data

Organisational Development

Does your organisation want to realise P&L savings annually on Learning & Development or do you need help in identifying what are the soft-skills training requirements of your existing team?

Using the Oceain platform we identify Needs Analysis within your organisation.

  • Reduce L&D costs
  • Address existing requirements
  • Quickly assess employees
  • Easily accessible – mobiles and tablets

Precision Personality Insights of Individuals

Going beyond the traditional CV, our platform gives a deeper understanding of the candidate by recording more than 60,000 different data points per interview.

This information is presented in a format that helps your team make a decision quicker, thus saving thousands of man-hours per year on lost time and productivity.

  • Reduce Bias in the selection process
  • Increase diveristy
  • Go Beyond the CV
  • Boost Team Productivity


Oceain’s intelligent personality insights expedite and simplify the hiring process with timely, relevant, highly accurate personality insights at scale. We provide companies with competencies-based outcomes and Personality Insights that go beyond the CV. Insight-driven video interviews expedite the hiring process, expand diversity in the candidate pool and quality of hiring decisions.

  • 80-90% faster screening time
  • AI is 25% more accurate
  • Insight-driven
  • Expand diversity

We help remove unconscious bias

On-demand video screening ensures that the same questions are asked to each candidate. Similarly, each candidate will feel confident that they’ve been provided a fair and equal chance at responding to the same questions as their competition. Unlimited playback allows you to replay each candidates’ video as many times as you need to accurately evaluate.

  • On-demand video screening
  • Unlimited playback
  • Results in 6 – 8 minutes
  • Remove unconscious bias

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The Future of Candidate Screening and Culture Development.


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