The Future of Candidate Screening and Culture Development

Oceain is a Digital Interview platform that utilises both AI and Psychometrics to provide your organisation with competencies-based outcomes and Personality Insights that go beyond the CV.

One Platform,that willTransform your Organisation

A Intuitive Change Management Platform That Delivers Results

System Generated Ranking

We combine smart design, AI technology and established Psychometrics to craft innovative business solutions.

Our world-class engineering team have developed a solution that provides real time Insights into your candidate pool.

Precision Personality Insights of Individuals

Go beyond the traditional CV, our platforms gives deeper understanding of the candidate by recording more than  60,000 different data points per interview.   

This  information is presented in a format that helps your team make a decision quicker, thus saving thousands per year on lost time and productivity.

Personality Assessments

Are you looking for a change manager or someone that will maintain the status quo?

Our innovative platform immediately identifies
in real time the different natural attributes from your current talent pool, that will drive both your business need and goals. 

Organisational Development

Does your organisation spend large amounts annually on Learning and Development or do you need help in identifying what are the training requirements of your existing team?

Using the Oceain platform we can help bring in cash savings by identifying actual training requirements of your existing team.  

Why AI & Psychometrics?

Better Company Culture

By combining both AI and psychometrics, a company can create a path to change either the current culture or maintain what currently works.

Less time to screen = Cash Savings!

It is estimated by using Oceain within an organization receiving approximately 2,450 applications per year, it would provide potential annual manhour savings of $82,820.

Develop and Grow Your Team

By rapidly screening your organisation, you can quickly adjust development needs and save on costly L&D investments

What clients are saying

Fastest on candidate onboarding

“Our interview panel were impressed with the tools and insights provided by the candidate report.  This report allowed our panel to review the culture fit of the individual and for face-to-face interview to target specific questions”

University of Notre Dame

Best service in town!

“This is a great platform for screening candidates”

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Speed is key!

“The ability to increase company productivity and thus the speed to make critical business decisions is impressive”

Ian Hogan 

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