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The digital Interview platform utilises both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and existing psychometrics frameworks to make the recruitment process seamless and accurate for companies and candidates 

Dubai, UAE: Oceain Personality Insights is a digital interview platform that utilises both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and psychometrics to provide personality insights of potential job candidates. The platform aims to accelerate, enhance, remove bias and build consistency in the applicant screening process to make the hiring process timely and easy for recruiters. 

Oceain Personality Insights predicts personality traits using the big five-factor model through structured video interviews based on audio, facial and language cues. The platform provides accurate results in 6-8 minutes and the screening time is 80-90% faster, AI has also been found to be 25% more effective than humans. 

The Big Five-Factor model is commonly used by employers to assess candidates that would fit the team. The brand name is a play on the model, as the five factors may be remembered using the acronyms “OCEAN” wherein each letter stands for each trait, O for Openness, C for Conscientiousness, E for Extraversion, A for Agreeableness, I for insights and N for Neuroticism. 

Oceain Personality Insight uses AI to speed up the candidate assessment eliminating bias, which can otherwise be time-consuming using the traditional approach. 

A quick glance at how Oceain Personality Insights  works

Hiring and filtering through resumes to find a perfect candidate for a company can become extremely time-consuming, Oceain Personality Insights helps make this process easier. Following simple steps and a process that takes no more than 30 minutes, companies simply create an account on the platform, add in the job description, roles and responsibilities along with making a selection of preset personality traits. 

Once the details are filled in, candidates can apply for the position through a 6-minute structured video interview. Oceain Personality Insights then assesses the candidate’s five dimensions of personality through audio, facial and language cues using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and psychometrics. To provide a fair chance to all the applicants, the platform uses on-demand video screening which ensures that each candidate is asked the same questions.

The AI then sorts the personalities in order of the ideal applicant on top of the job requirements. The platform gives companies complete access to the top candidates’ personality insights and digital interviews, allowing unlimited playbacks to evaluate candidates accurately. Oceain Personality Insights also stores these applicants and their personality traits on the company’s account for ease in reviewing them again for other job requirements.

“Oceain Personality Insights hopes to create an impact in transforming the market’s approach towards recruitment. We believe this platform will help organisations increase cultural awareness and overcome bias when hiring candidates from around the world” said, Ian Hogan, Managing Director of Oceain Personality Insights

At present, Oceain Personality Insights has served 18,113 digital videos from 3 different continents with 96.7% positive feedback from candidates and clients.

About Oceain Personality Insights:

Launched in 2020, Oceain Personality Insights is a digital Interview platform that utilises both AI and psychometrics to provide personality insights that go beyond a candidates resume. The platform uses on-demand video-screening tools to accelerate, enhance, remove bias and build consistency in the applicant screening process, making the hiring process timely, relevant and and easy for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates alike.