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Oceain's on-demand video screening tool accelerates, enhances, and removes bias while building consistency in the applicant screening and team member gap analysis process.
Save up to
of money and man hours in Recruitment and Organizational Development
Over 70k+ candidate interviews processed through Oceain.
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Save Time and Maintain
Culturally Rich and Diverse Teams
Video Screening
Oceain’s on-demand video screening tool
Organizational Development
Learning and development with full team analysis and insights
Live Interview
Live interview with real-time analysis
Precision Personality Insights
Full personality and competencies on your candidates
Why Oceain?
Disrupting the HR Industry
with the Power of AI & Psychometrics?
Better Company Culture
By combining both AI and psychometrics, a company can create a path to change either the current culture or maintain what currently works.
Less time to screen = Cash Savings!
It is estimated by using Oceain within an organization receiving approximately 2,450 applications per year, it would provide potential annual manhour savings of $82,820.
Develop and Grow Your Team
By rapidly screening your organisation, you can quickly adjust development needs and save on costly L&D investments.
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Our interview panel were impressed with the tools and insights provided by the candidate report. This report allowed our panel to review the culture fit of the individual and for face-to-face interview to target specific questions.
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